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  • The difference between a vertical mixer and a horizontal mixer

    First, the characteristics of horizontal mixer 1. The horizontal mixer has high mixing uniformity and less residue, which is suitable for mixing more than two kinds of materials. 2. The horizontal mixer is equipped with a reducer, which has the characteristics of low noise, low energy consumption...
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  • The principle of drying furnace

    The principle of drying furnace

    The drying furnace must be very familiar to the operators who often carry out mining operations. Mining machinery includes a variety of mechanical equipment, including drying furnaces, which are usually equipped with sand making machines, sand washing machines, hoists and other mining machinery. ...
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  • Introduction of drying furnace

    Introduction of drying furnace

    The drying furnace is mainly used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments to dry materials with a certain humidity or particle size. It is a commonly used mining machinery and equipment. The drying furnace is reliable in operation, flexible i...
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  • Livestock Equipment Maintenance

    With the development of the level of animal husbandry, more and more animal husbandry equipment has been put into the breeding industry. With the widespread use of animal husbandry equipment, the maintenance of equipment has gradually become a topic of concern to farmers and breeding enterprises....
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  • Return to work after the Spring Festival

    Return to work after the Spring Festival

    Hello everyone, we have experienced the Spring Festival, and the factory has been on holiday for 7 days. “It is a folk festival that integrates the removal of the old and the new, worshiping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits, reunion with relatives and f...
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  • Constant Temperature Drinking Water Tank

    Constant Temperature Drinking Water Tank

    Our company will release new products within one day, and it is already in the experimental stage. This is our new product: constant temperature drinking water tank for cattle and sheep. In the past farms, the traditional way of drinking water for cattle is to add water manually. Although this me...
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  • Trailed Feed Mixer

    Trailed Feed Mixer

    Performance and characteristics of TMR mixer: the improvement of mixed feed and output, because after adding various feeds and trace elements into the feed mixer for mixing and stirring, the livestock can have no choice to eat the feed ingredients determined by the formula, which ensures the anim...
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  • The role of drum screen stone equipment in work

    The role of drum screen stone equipment in work

    The role of drum screen stone equipment in work The drum screen is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a drum device, a frame, a sealing cover, a material inlet and outlet, etc. The motor and the drum device are connected through a coupling to drive the drum device to rotate around its axis. W...
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  • Dust collector maintenance

    Dust collector maintenance

    Routine maintenance of dust collector The dust collector is an important link in the environmental protection of each unit, and daily maintenance and maintenance are the key. Let the dust removal equipment operate under normal conditions, so that employees can be well protected. 1. After the dust...
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  • Hoist delivery

    Hoist delivery

    Today, China Huaicheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. delivered the goods. The customer customized the pulse bag filter and the hoist. The hoist can be customized according to the needs. the What is the principle of bucket elevator? The hoist is suitable for conveying small materials such as powde...
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  • Mine environmental protection machinery product introduction

    Our factory has a complete range of equipment and has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. The mine environmental protection category includes skeletons, pulse valves, tension heads, fans, spray cannons, unloaders, cloth bags, and dust collectors. Digital display controller, UV light d...
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  • Reducer Delivery

    Reducer Delivery

    Our company has prepared 400 pieces of reducer for stocking. Indian manufacturers need this product. The main product is high quality and low price, and it supports customization. Our staff is warm and professional. Customers are welcome to contact us, and we will do our best to serve you. The in...
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